Construction & Mining

Taken together, construction and mining make up Australia’s largest industry cluster, and they play a key role in our future wealth and prosperity. Emerging technologies such as building information modelling (BIM) and automation are changing the way we work, and Australia’s construction and mining organisations need a ‘future fit’ workforce to keep pace. This is a huge industry, and you’ll be amazed at the career choices available to you.

Contribution to the Australian economy


Industry Value

$116.7 billion

Gross value added

People Employed


People employed in the sector

Business Trading


Businesses trading in the sector


Industry Value

$102.5 billion

Gross value added

People Employed


People employed in the sector

Business Trading


Businesses trading in the sector

* Statistics sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. For more information, please refer to the Statistics Explained page.

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Sectors & Occupations

Construction and mining play an important part in the Australian economy, with businesses of all sizes operating throughout the country, including some in our most remote outposts. Skilled professionals are employed to build our houses, construct our roads and extract raw materials for our domestic and export markets. Many gained their practical skills through ‘real life’ vocational education and training (VET) courses.

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Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Australian Apprenticeships (apprenticeships and traineeships) are an important part of VET. Gaining a VET qualification through an Australian Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to train, study and earn an income at a variety of qualification levels in most occupations. Australian Apprenticeships combine time at work with training, and can be full-time, part-time or school-based.


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Career Stories

VET delivers outstanding employment results for its graduates – watch the following stories and see for yourself. You will be amazed at the career pathways that a VET qualification can unlock for you in the construction and mining industry.

Warwick’s Story - Video Thumbnail

Warwick’s Story

An apprenticeship is a dynamic career path, and can lead you in many directions.”

VET Qualification: Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

Career: Estimator

Warwick was only 17 when he enrolled in a school-based apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery. Now 26, Warwick is enjoying a rewarding career in the building industry, and he is also undertaking a Bachelor of Construction Management at university.

Thalia’s Story - Video Thumbnail

Thalia’s Story

I found that a school-based apprenticeship as an electrician was what I needed to do to use as a stepping stone to go into university.”

VET Qualification: Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Career: Apprentice Electrician

Thalia decided to undertake a school-based electrical apprenticeship in Year 11. She hopes to study electrical engineering, robotics and automation at university when she completes her apprenticeship.

Oothungs (Sisters) in Mining Program - Video Thumbnail

Oothungs (Sisters) in Mining Program

You can go places if you put your mind and the hard work into it.”

Industry: Resources and Mining

Industry Collaboration: Thiess, Wesfarmers Curragh and The Salvation Army Employment Plus

The Sisters in Mining Program was formed to assist local unemployed Indigenous women enter Queensland’s mining industry. The four-week pre-employment program prepares participants for a career as a trainee haul truck operator.

Skills for your Career

My Skills can help you find the right course to ignite your career in the construction and mining industry. You can search for VET courses and compare information such as fees, durations, graduate satisfaction, job prospects and available subsidies.

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Careers in Demand

A number of skilled occupations are currently in shortage in the construction sector. These jobs are in demand across Australia, so there’s a good chance of ongoing employment when you complete your training. If you want to set yourself up for a rewarding career, check out the following jobs and the VET courses that can give you the practical skills you need to gain employment in them.

Growth Areas

Building installation services is the largest employing sector in construction, while metal ore mining is the largest employing sector in the mining industry. If you’re interested in a career in construction, the following VET courses are worth considering, because they will prepare you for work in areas where employment is expected to grow over the next three years.


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