Sports & Recreation

The sports and recreation industry plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of all Australians. As well as our physical health, the industry promotes the mental health of individuals and the wellness of our communities by building social cohesion and inclusion. This is a rewarding industry to be involved in, and you’ll be amazed at the career choices available to you.

Contribution to the Australian economy

Sports and Recreation

Industry Value

$5.4 billion

Gross value added

People Employed


People employed in the sector

Business Trading


Businesses trading in the sector

* Statistics sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. For more information, please refer to the Statistics Explained page.

THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO SUCCEED. Real Skills for Real Careers

Sectors & Occupations

The sports and recreation industry positively impacts the health of all Australians, which in turn positively impacts our economy. Highly skilled coaches, instructors and officials help us engage in a wide range of recreation and amusement activities. Many gained their practical skills through ‘real life’ vocational education and training (VET) courses.

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Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Australian Apprenticeships (apprenticeships and traineeships) are an important part of VET. Gaining a VET qualification through an Australian Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to train, study and earn an income at a variety of qualification levels in most occupations. Australian Apprenticeships combine time at work with training, and can be full-time, part-time or school-based.

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Career Stories

VET delivers outstanding employment results for its graduates – watch the following stories and see for yourself. You will be amazed at the career pathways that a VET qualification can unlock for you in the sports and recreation industry.

Kick-start Your Career in Sport - Video Thumbnail

Kick-start Your Career in Sport

Thanks to vocational education and training, these AFL SportsReady graduates gained real skills for real careers and got their start in the Sporting Industry.

Matt’s Story - Video Thumbnail

Matt’s Story

I’d 100% encourage people or young kids to do apprenticeships, and start on it now and work your way towards finishing it.”

VET Qualification: Certificate IV in Fitness

Career: Assistant Coach; Personal Trainer

After a hugely successful career in the NRL, Matt started his own lucrative personal training business. He understands the importance of developing and upgrading your skills to ensure personal success.

Sam’s Story - Video Thumbnail

Sam’s Story

I love training people and getting results and having them thank you and tell you that they wouldn’t have done that without your help and support.”

VET Qualification: Certificate IV in Fitness

Career: Sport and Leisure Officer

This case study was prepared by the Local Government Association of Tasmania through its ‘Think Big Work Local’ initiative.

Skills for your Career

My Skills can help you find the right course to ignite your career in the sports and recreation industry. You can search for VET courses and compare information such as fees, durations, graduate satisfaction, job prospects and available subsidies.

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Careers in Demand

No skilled occupations are currently in shortage in the sports and recreation industry.

Growth Areas

Sports and physical recreation activities is the largest employing sector in the industry. If you’re interested in a customer contact role in the sport or community recreation sector, the following VET course is worth considering, because it will prepare you for work in areas where employment is expected to grow over the next three years.

Data has been sourced from the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment and SSO/IRC Industry Skills Forecasts (Racing, Sport and Recreation).


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